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2009-06-21 22:50:34 by mannyatwork1

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2009-06-21 23:36:37

JUST PUT A SHOTGUN IN OUR MOUTH AND PULL THE TRIGGER your just one pafetic little gay guy.
did daddy abused you when you were 5? is that the reason of this crap??

mannyatwork1 responds:



2009-06-30 20:44:28

Great video and thank you for telling the truth mass effect was a pile of crap.


2009-08-06 14:11:36

Awesome, nice one on telling us which game and which is not. Just a thought can you tell us about NO MORE HEROES (fan of that game) of what you think of that game (again just a thought). Overall awesome job. (BTW forget what LordZeebmaork said, you're just telling it like it is.)


mannyatwork1 responds:

Thanks, i think that dudes on autopilot, seeing as how he has the same thing posted on his page somewhere. Sad little man needs to step out of his closet filled with cum-stained dragonball z toys.

ANYWAY. i would love to give a review of that game, especially with NO MOR HEROES 2 comin out. But unfortunatly i dont own a Wii cause nintendo let me down with the gamecube hardbody. I'll stick with my ps3, and my friends xbox. Remember though that these reviews (as all reviews are, dont listen to them) Are biased, being of personal opinion. So by all means, try some of the games, except two wordls. Just get em used so you can return them when you start hatin them


2009-09-03 18:24:01

epic review/rant. As a fellow reviewer/ranter (Mostly I do Japanese anime and live action shows. Check out my rant on Sailor Moon Live) I give you 5 gold stars (they should be behind you.)


2011-06-15 21:45:49

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